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Water Sink In Visalia, CA


Garbage disposals can handle a multitude of food items, but there are a few things that shouldn’t be placed into disposal:

  • Large bones. Small, soft bones may acceptable, but large, heavy bones will jam the blades or completely break your disposal.
  • Fruit pits. Much the same as large bones, fruit pits are too hard and heavy to be broken up by residential garbage disposal.
  • Fibrous vegetables and fruits. These foods include celery, corn husks, banana peels, and asparagus, and the tough, stringy strands will tangle the blades and render them inoperable.
  • Uncooked rice and pasta. Uncooked rice and pasta expand when exposed to water and could form a solid, immovable plug of starches inside the disposal’s drain.

Never put non-food items into your garbage disposal. For example, paper, glass, plastic, or wooden items can jam the disposal blades, damage the motor, or clog the drain.
In addition, keep other substances out of the garbage disposal, such as bleach, lye, acids, and household chemicals. These substances could damage the seals that prevent leaks or do damage to other internal components.
Garbage disposal not working? Contact the skilled professionals at Parker & Parker Plumbing in Visalia, California, for emergency help today!

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