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The Best Plumbing Services 

When it comes to plumbing services in Visalia, you want to know that you can rely on your plumbing company. Parker & Parker Plumbing has been providing quality plumbing services for more than 35 years, and we are committed to resolving plumbing issues quickly and effectively. Our Visalia plumbing company can take on even the toughest plumbing jobs, from slab leak repair to trenchless sewer line installation. Just need a drain cleaning? We can take care of that too. No plumbing issue is too big or too small for our team. With our plumbing experts who specialize in underground plumbing services like sewer repair, you can rest assured that your property is in great hands. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services in Visalia or to get an estimate for your plumbing repair.

Our Plumbing Services

Parker & Parker Plumbing is proud to provide the best plumbing services in Visalia and the surrounding areas. Our plumbing services include:

Water Heaters: Without a working water heater, a simple shower can turn into a nightmare. We offer expert water heater repair and installation for all types of water heaters, including electric, oil, and gas water heaters.

Plumbing Leak Detection: If left unchecked, even a tiny leak could lead to the spread of water damage, mildew, and mold. Let our team take care of your water leak detection or gas leak detection to keep your property safe. After we’ve located the leak, we can provide a fast, effective repair.

Slab Leak Detection: A slab leak could inflict irreversible damage on the foundation of your home or business. Ensure the safety and value of your property by enlisting our team for slab leak detection and repairs.

Water Filtration: A contaminated water supply could spell disaster for not just your health, but the well-being of your community. Even hard water can lead to adverse health effects like dry skin and hair. We provide whole house water filtration systems to purify your water supply.

Drain Cleaning: Don’t try to clean your drains yourself – without the right tools, you could accidentally cause more damage. Let our experts take care of your drain clogs quickly and efficiently.

Toilet Repair & Installation: A functioning toilet is an essential component of any home or business. If your toilet stops working, it can be a huge hassle for everyone involved. Our team can supply toilet repair and toilet installation services to keep your restrooms running smoothly.

Garbage Disposals: Your garbage disposal makes food preparation a breeze. Without it, your cooking routine can become stressful and time-consuming. Our garbage disposal installation and repair services can help you stay cool in the kitchen.

Sewers: There’s nothing more inconvenient than a sewer problem. Let us take care of your sewer pipe repair or sewer pipe replacement. Our team can take the stress out of the situation with fast, dependable service.

Shower Repair & Installation: Your shower is just as essential as a toilet or a sink. If your shower isn’t working properly, we offer professional shower repair and shower installation to make your home as comfortable as possible.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement: Did you know you don’t have to dig up your yard to replace your sewer lines? We offer trenchless sewer line replacement to upgrade your underground plumbing without ruining your landscaping.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement & Repair: Water lines are critical to the overall function of your plumbing system. We can supply trenchless water line replacement and repair to ensure the longevity of your home or business’s plumbing.

Copper Repiping and Whole House Plumbing: In an older home, your pipes may not have been updated to copper versions. Materials like iron can put your plumbing at risk for rust or corrosion. Our plumbers offer copper repiping to upgrade your home’s plumbing in just a few days.

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Water Heaters
Leak Detection Icon
Leak Detection
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Whole House Water Filtration
Drain Cleaning Icon
Drain Cleaning
Toilet Repair and Installation Icon
Toilet Repair & Installation
Garbage Disposal Installation Icon
Garbage Disposal Installation
Sewer Repairs and Replacements Icon
Sewer Repairs & Replacements
Shower Repair and Installation Icon
Shower Repair & Installation
Trenchless Sewer Replacement Icon
Trenchless Sewer Replacement
Trenchless Water Line Replacement and Repair Icon
Trenchless Water Line Replacement & Repair
Copper Repiping and Whole House Plumbing Icon
Copper Repiping & Whole House Plumbing

Choose Parker & Parker Plumbing

Since our inception in 1982, Parker & Parker Plumbing has been committed to providing quality plumbing services in Visalia at an affordable price. Our president, William R. Parker, has more than 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, and his team is fully trained and certified to handle even the toughest plumbing jobs. We care about our clients, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service for homes and businesses in Visalia. No matter what type of plumbing job you need, you can count on our team to get the job done right the first time.

Get Your Plumbing Estimate Today

When you need fast, reliable plumbing services in Visalia, you can rely on Parker & Parker Plumbing. Our Visalia plumbing company is dedicated to ensuring your overall satisfaction, and we are proud to stand behind our work. Get in touch with Parker & Parker Plumbing today to get your estimate for your next plumbing project.

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